Children (8+), adolescents, adults, family & marriage counselling:

Anxiety, panic, burn out, work stress, bullying, life transition, depression, sadness, grief, loss, self-esteem & confidence building, anger, intimate partner violence, relationship concerns, family dynamics, personal growth & wellness, addictions,  separation, divorce, work & life balance, retirement and caregiver stress, mental health, substance misuse and co-occurring disorders are just a few of the areas of specialization.


They can be hard to navigate at times in our lives. It is natural to experience emotions, however, sometimes they leave you with a loss of control. Some examples of these emotions are fear, anger, sadness, anxiety, shame and guilt. Coping skills and an understanding of how we protect ourselves from these strong emotions can help people develop resilience and success in their lives.


You grieve because you love. The grief comes from the love you have for the person that died. Everyone’s experience is slightly different. Loss of a loved one can be a very difficult time. It can be a time of confusion, disbelief, deep sadness, change and transition. There are a number of grief groups in the community that are tailored to your specific loss. Please look up 211 Nova Scotia or call 211 for the most updated information. Individual Counselling is also another option for help.

Health & Wellness:

Spiritual, Physical, Emotional & Mental, Environmental, Social and Sexual health are all the areas you should attend to regularly in order to live a balanced lifestyle. If one area of your health becomes out of balance this can affect your overall wellness. You can maintain wellness by exercise, healthy diet, nutrition, socialization, healthy communication and relationships, managing stress  and contributing to a healthy environment.

Substance Misuse & Gambling Concerns:

No one who uses alcohol or drugs including medication expect to lose control. People believe they are smart, strong or lucky enough to not get hooked. After a significant length of time a person’s  need for a substance outweighs everything else including people, values and relationships that they hold dearest in their lives. The connection of community resources, an addictions treatment plan and structured relapse planning can help you in a successful recovery.

211 Nova Scotia is a great resource for any service you need across the province.

Rates & Insurance

It is recommended to contact your insurance provider to clarify what professionals are covered under your plan and the number of counselling sessions that are available to you.

​Clients can pay for counselling services by cash, credit card or e-transfer before the session begins. There is no direct billing.

Counselling session fee is $138 HST INCL.,(60 minutes).

Please remember that a minimum 24 hours notice is required to cancel an appointment. If you wish to cancel an existing appointment, you may do so by e-mail or phone.